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The Du-All Difference

We are a New Jersey rental house with over 45 years experience in repairs, sales, and rentals of motion picture and digital video equipment including cameras, lenses and accessories.

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The Best Vintage Lenses in New Jersey

We have classic lenses in 35mm and 16mm format, for sale and for rent. Super Baltars, Zeiss Super Speeds, Angenieuxs, Switars, Kinoptiks, Cooke Speed Panchros, Canon K35 Zooms, cinestyled Leicas - we carry it all.

Digital Transfers & Film Telecine

We telecine regular 8mm, super 8mm, and 16mm film - both reversal and negative. We also can transfer your old, outdated digital tapes into modern files you can play on your computer - often with same day service.

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Camera & Projector Repairs

We are the worldwide authority on Bolex repiars and have technicians with decades of experience repairing Arri, Canon, Beaulieu, Aaton, Nizo, and other classic film cameras. We also repair 16mm and 8mm projectors.

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Featured Digital Cameras for Rent

RED Gemini PL/EF 5k

Call for price

Arri Alexa Mini PL 4k UHD

$950 / day

RED Epic Dragon PL/EF 6k

Call for price

Canon C300 mkII PL/EF 4k

$375 / day

Blackmagic Ursa Mini EF 4.6k

$250 / day

Digital Bolex 2k M43/C-Mount

$200 / day

Featured Film Cameras for Rent

Arri 416 Super 16mm

$700 / day

Arri SR3 HS Super 16mm

$425 / day

Arri 16 S/B 16mm kit

$125 / day

Canon 1014xl-s Super 8mm

From $75 / day

Beaulieu 4008 zmII Super 8mm

From $125 / day

Bolex SBM Super 16mm kits

From $150 / day

Featured Lenses for Rent

Arri / Zeiss Masterprime Set

From $150 a lens / day

Elite 2x Anamorphics

From $150 a lens / day

Arri / Zeiss Ultraprimes Set

From $100 a lens / day

Zeiss SuperSpeed mkIII

From $100 a lens / day

Canon EF Cinema Primes

$75 a lens / day

Cooke S4i

From $110 / lens

Featured Vintage Lenses for Rent

Leica Cinestyle R Series EF Primes

From $30 a lens / day

Bausch and Lomb Super Baltars

$125 a lens / day

Cooke Speed Panchros

$600 set, $75 a lens / day

Cooke 10.8-60mm S16mm format zoom

$120 / day

Zeiss Contax Cinestyle EF Primes

From $25 a lens / day

Zeiss Makro-Planar 60mm T3 PL

$100 / day