· Beaulieu 4008, 4008ZM, ZM2, ZM4, S2008· $ 350.00- $450.00
. Beaulieu R-16 .

  1. The camera gets cleaned, lubed, set to factory Specifications.
  2. Over years, emulsion and debri collects inside the camera and attach themselves to the internal gears and moving parts inside and can create uneven resistance. Also old lubrication dries up and the viscocity no longer is there so the oil is no longer slippery (In normal English). This is like carrying a load of bricks around. When we clean out the inside and relube the camera, we make sure it has the least amount of resistance it can possibly have. This affects your battery life as well since less resistance will allow you battery to last longer. Also if you don't have this done, eventually your camera can seize up and stop running altogether.
  3. The ground glass gets cleaned & set.
    cleaning the ground glass can be a night & day difference.

  4. Set camera's depth & Ground Glass, callibrate speeds, clean or replace internal filters. Also includes collimating the supplied zoom lens

Note: If lens needs cleaning or repair work additional charges may apply.

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