Arri 16S Super 16 Upgrade

We are now offering Super 16 upgrades for the Arri 16S.
We can do any Arri S regardless of style

Upgrade will consist of:
  1. NEW Arri PL Mount (Available in Nikon Mt too)
  2. Super 16 1:66 Groundglass with Crosshair (Fiber Optic)
  3. Super 16 Gate EDM Laser Modified
  4. Machining and polishing all areas that touch the film

Total price for upgrade call

Brand New viewfinder system with BK7 Optics
This will fix your viewfinder if it has deteriorated or yellowed.

With this upgrade, the camera can be set up to precise tolerance which has never before been done to an Arri S. This makes the camera a great 2nd unit camera to the Arri SR or Aaton

Call us for more info on lenses and other accessories that you may need

Du-All Camera's Overhaul (included in Upgrade)

· Arri S/B Arri 16 S & Arri 16 M· Service $ 495.00
This service inludes :
  1. Complete overhaul of camera body.
    Body gets stripped down to the last screw,
    all parts get completely washed out,
    relubed & reassembled.

  2. Camera's movement gets cleaned & relubed.
    Also all problems with movement are corrected
    such as frameline, parallax, timing,
    pitch & any looseness (play).

  3. Collimating of 3 prime lenses and 1 zoom lens.
  4. Reassembling your camera to factory specifications.
    Any Parts needed to be replaced are extra.



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