· Arri 16SR 1, 2 $ 995.00 Arri SR3 $1200.00

Complete overhaul of camera body and magazines

- Camera's movement gets cleaned & relubed
- All parts get completely washed out & relubed
- upgrade for access to pitch adjustment
- reassemble to factory specs
- body alone costs $ 695.00

- Magazines are fully dissassembled -
- feed , take-up tension set to factory specs
- all rollers are cleaned & relubed
- inner plates scrubbed and cleaned
- each mag costs $ 150 each

* any parts needed to be replaced are extra*

Repaint camera body to factory black or gray for pricing
Repaint 400' Magazine to factory black or gray ..Call for pricing

click here for the SR3 user manual
click here for the SR-2 user manual

Du-All Camera's Overhaul (included in Upgrade)

· Arri 16 S & Arri 16 M· Service $ 595

  1. Complete overhaul of camera body.
    Body gets stripped down to the last screw,
    all parts get completely washed out,
    relubed & reassembled.

  2. Camera's movement gets cleaned & relubed.
    Also all problems with movement are corrected
    such as frameline, parallax, timing,
    pitch & any looseness (play).

  3. Collimating of 3 prime lenses and 1 zoom lens.
  4. Reassembling your camera to factory specifications.
    Any Parts needed to be replaced are extra.

Repaint to factory wrinkle finish. $ 150 (Only with overhaul)



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