Du-All Camera's Overhaul for Bolex $395.00 - $450.00





Overhaul will consist of:

  1. Cleaning camera mechanism, and check all camera specs.
  2. Check motor function and speeds, clean viewfinder system
  3. Check lens collimation (either 3 primes or 1 zoom lens included with overhaul)
  4. Any Parts needed is additional

Total price for overhaul $ 450.00 ( most bolex models)

Call us for more info on lenses and other accessories that you may need

· Bolex S16mm Upgrade for Rex 5, SBM, EBM & EL $Call

    Widening Gate for Super 16

  1. mark Ground glass with HD 16x9 Markings
  2. , and modify viewfinder

  3. Recentering front turret, polish all sprockets and film guides.
  4. Reassembling your camera to factory specifications.
    Any Parts needed to be replaced are extra.



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