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We are able to convert your Ikonoskop A-Cam to Reflex as well as install a color or B&W video tap. Call for more info. Here are some pictures below of the modifiactions we are offering.
Color Video Tap conversion
$ 6,000
Color Video Tap 2
Color Video Tap 3

Color Video Tap with custom on-board LCD color monitor and custom battery system

LCD Color Monitor with custom battery system. Rear View

LCD Color Monitor with custom battery system. Front View

Sony Battery Conversion
$ 800

Reflex Finder conversion
$ 5,000
Includes Viewfinder

Reflex Finder. Front View
Litium Battery, non-rechargeable $ 50
Li-Ion battery, rechargeable $ 166
Li-Ion charger $ 166
Remote start/stop $ 166

To see info on prices & purchasing the A-Cam click here

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