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16mm Zooms

Angenieux 12-120mm f2.2 Arri Bayo Mount $ 1350

P. Angenieux Paris 12-120mm Zoom lens

Type 10 X 12b Arri Bayonette Mount

Also Available in C Mount and And Arri Standard Mount $1000.00

Made In France

Angenieux Retro Zoom Type L 12.5-50mm Extender $ 350

P. Angenieux Paris Retro-Zoom Type L

12.5-50mm Zoom lens tele Extender

Made In France

Cooke 9-50mm T2.5 Arri Bayo Mt $ call

Cooke 9-50mm T2.5 Zoom Lens

Arri Bayo Mount

Cosmicar TV Zoom 12.5-75mm f1.2 C-Mt $ 350
Fujinon TV Zoom 12.5-75mm T1.2 C-Mt $ 350
Fujinon TV Zoom 17.5-105mm T1.8 C-Mt $ 400

Fujinon TV Zoom Lens ( good choices for use with most Bolex cameras)

H6x12.5R 12.5-75mm f1.2 or 17.5-102mm T1.8

C Mount

Made In Japan

Sony 12.5-50mm T1.8 TV Zoom Lens C Mount $ 350

Sony TV Zoom Lens Zoom lens

12.5-50mm T1.8 C Mount

Made In Japan

Vario Switar 12.5-100mm T2 Multicoated Zoom Lens Bolex Bayo Mt $ 1250

Bolex Bayo Mount with Multicoated OPtics

built in macro feature for close focus

Use with Bolex SBM, EBM or EL Model cameras

Vario Switar 18-86mm T2.5 OE H16 C Mount $ 750

Available in C-Mount

Also covers Super-16

Switar 16-100mm T2.5 POE H16 Bolex Bayo Mount $1000

Available in Bolex Bayo Mount

Also covers Super-16

Zeiss 10-100mm T2 Arri Bayo Mt $ call

Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar

T* 10-100mm T2 Zoom Lens

Macro Capability

Arri Bayo Mount

Zeiss 10-100mm T3 Arri Bayo Mt T* $ call

Zeiss Vario Sonnar 1:2,8/10-100mm T3 T* Arri Bayo Mt $call

Zeiss Vario Sonnar

T* 10-100mm T2.8 Zoom lens

Arri Bayo Mount

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